Protection Mineral confetti Mix
Protection Mineral confetti Mix

Protection Mineral confetti Mix

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Protection ~ Our protection pack is perfect to support your space or yourself. These Scoops are perfect to carry on you. Each Scoop come in an individual organza Bag for convenience.

Crystals included in scoop:  

~Amethyst: Protects from emotional manipulation 

~Black Obsidian: Shields against negative energies. 

~Lapis Lazuli: Protection to Relationships 

~Labradorite: Strengthens within

~Tigers Eye: offer inner Strength 

~Prehnite: Peace & Protection 

~Golden Obsidian: Dissolves negativity & Purifies the Aura 

 disclaimer: *In no way we recommend that this replaces standard medical treatment. Crystals are as a way of shifting mindset and offering a positive attitude.  

They are also used for healing, meditation or guidance. if you are feeling unwell always seek medical advice, or If you are unsure please speak to a professional for further advice

We can not guarantee exact amount of each crystal as we intuitively scoop to order.