Well-being Mineral confetti Mix
Well-being Mineral confetti Mix

Well-being Mineral confetti Mix

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Well-being ~ Our Well-being scoops are perfect to carry on you. From needing to relieve the Daily struggles from our hectic lives. To remind us to take a moment for our self. Each Scoop come in an individual organza Bag for convenience.

Crystals included in scoop:  

~Blue Lace: Support & Nurturing 

~Fire Quartz: Self esteem 

~Caribbean Calcite: Soothing & calming

~Moonstone: well-being & balance 

-Amethyst: Tranquillity & Calmness 

~Lepidolite: Balance & calm

~Yellow Quartz: Strengthen, Uplift, revitalise 

~Rhodonite: Reduce & suppress Anxiety 

~Clear Quartz: Emotional healing 



 disclaimer: *In no way we recommend that this replaces standard medical treatment. Crystals are as a way of shifting mindset and offering a positive attitude.  

They are also used for healing, meditation or guidance. if you are feeling unwell always seek medical advice, or If you are unsure please speak to a professional for further advice

We can not guarantee exact amount of each crystal as we intuitively scoop to order.