Little Book of Aromatherapy

Little Book of Aromatherapy

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A clear guide to this popular complementary therapy, the Little Book of Aromatherapy is perfect for those looking for an alternative to conventional medicine.

An introduction to everything you need to enhance your life through aromatherapy.

The Little Book of Aromatherapydemonstrates how each essential oil works, what it can be used for, and when to consult a professional. This mini manual covers ways of blending oils for special purposes and shows which essences blend well with others. Readers can learn about the health and emotional benefits that oils can provide, and can even pick up tips on using oils to treat animals or around the house.

Note: Cedarwood should not be used during pregnancy.

Cedarwood essential oil is said to have a calming, grounding effect on the nervous system, and on a spiritual level it brings people together. It has a pleasant woody, smoky aroma that blends well with bergamot, frankincense, jasmine, lavender, neroli and rose.

Users often find that cedarwood instils a sense of peace, and it is favoured by those who meditate. Cedarwood stimulates the lymphatic system, which makes it excellent for respiratory conditions such as catarrh, asthma or bronchitis